The Paul Bernot Memorial Foundation: empowering athletes impacted by cancer to pursue their passions


About Paul

Paul Steven Bernot 12/3/83 – 2/15/17


No one expects an athlete to get cancer - let alone to die young. The Paul Bernot Memorial Foundation was created in memory of a courageous young athlete who died from colorectal cancer at age 33.

Paul was loved by many: he was a son, brother, uncle, boyfriend, co-worker, and friend.  Anyone who really knew Paul, also knew of his passion for sport and fitness. He enjoyed learning about fitness, talking about sports, and watching sports - especially all teams Pittsburgh.  Even from a young age, his true joy was shooting a puck on the ice, swinging a golf club on the course, or lifting weights in the gym.  As an adult, Paul’s enthusiasm for sports never faded.

At the age of 30, his passion for sport and fitness led him into the world of CrossFit. The fierce competitor in him was hooked, and he won first place in the first local CrossFit competition. Just a few weeks later, he would shockingly learn that he had advanced colorectal cancer, caused by Lynch syndrome.

For the next 16 months, Paul fought cancer as hard as he had fought any competitor in his life: battling through chemotherapy, radiation, multiple surgeries and immunotherapy. Despite all that stood in his way, it was his desire to stay involved in sports that kept him going until the very end. 

In honor of Paul’s memory, and for athletes who are impacted by cancer, we are your team on the sidelines.  The Paul Bernot Memorial Foundation exists to empower athletes with cancer to pursue their passions.